Thrifty finds are so nifty- How to shop frugally

I’ve been making grand plans for slightly ridiculous and big changes in our living/bedroom. I’ve been wracking my brain for creative furniture arrangements to maximize space and function. Many furniture pieces have made a grand appearance in our house only to make a quick exit because of size, color, shape, or my sometimes fickle design tastes. Even though many new pieces have made an entrance, they’ve been scored for low prices and took some creativity to suit our home just the way we want them to. I thought I would share some of my favorite pieces I’ve scored recently.

The flooring in our house is quite old, ancient really, and pretty darn ugly. Even though I love putting paint on the walls and spending some dough on furniture, I have to draw the line at replacing the floor in a rental, so we have to make due with some area rugs. So check out this shagadelic rug I picked up at the thrift store around the corner from our house. It was priced at a whopping $8.99, I figured for that price I could give it a try in our house and see if it was totally radical or a complete disaster.

Once I got it to the register it was 30% off! Score, I spent a whole $6.29 on this little gem. Just shaggy enough, super soft and squishy for our little guy’s toes, and a fun shade of celery green! Jack is obviously loving the fun new texture on the floor…

I was recently admiring a vase on this coffee table over at Young House Love, and wanted to find something in similar size and texture for our table. Isn’t their living room gorgeous?

So I perused the glassware section at the thrift store without any real expectation of finding something, when I spotted this vase for $12.99. I was hesitant to spend the full price but knew that it was a really great deal for such a large vase and figured I could splurge a bit….

When I got to the register I asked the woman if there was any price negotiation on home décor items, I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask! She said no. Then the sweet woman said the magic words, “It’s labeled with a ‘T’, which means it is color coded ‘tan’, which happens to be 75% off”. I paid a whole $3.25 for this beauty. Score!

Isn’t the vase lovely on my refinished coffee table and thrifty nifty rug? The entire look cost me all of $29.54. Not too shabby I’d say….

So are there any thrifty finds you’ve managed to nab recently? Feel free to share photos!



9 thoughts on “Thrifty finds are so nifty- How to shop frugally

  1. great finds erika! I just found two old canvas’s lying around my house that I had intentions of painting for decorations and I finally got around to it! I love renovating old things :)

  2. Erika, great job on scoring the rug, glass vase, and table. We all know you have creativity to burn, but you also have elbow grease and are not afraid of a little hard work. I admire that! I’m inspired too. Our bedroom is soon getting paint and I’m going to have my hubby try a new technique where the walls look like old plaster walls used to. Hmmm……
    Invite me over for tea as I’d love to see your place!

    • Mary,

      A little bird told me you were going to attempt the plaster paint treatment! I’d love to see it finished!

      Oh and I would absolutely love to invite you over to see the place :) I’m thinking I need to have a “clearance” jewelry sale to make some space…

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