Decking the Halls {DIY Magazine Christmas Trees}

We’ve been getting in the Christmas spirit over here with tree trimming, bread baking, Christmas music playing, and advent calender displaying! In our house the tree goes up in its full glory the day after Thanksgiving. I can’t bring myself to put it up any earlier as I refuse to skip a holiday, but as soon as I’ve stuffed myself beyond all reason it’s tree time!

This year I’ve been trying to add little bits of Christmas all over the house without breaking the bank, or looking like an overdone department store. I’ve been perusing some of my absolute favorite blogs for DIY inspiration and have come up with a “to DIY” list that is 10 times longer than any child’s list for Santa. Ruffle wreaths, paper bunting, re-purposed ornament window decor, table centerpieces, and handmade wrapping paper that’s all too pretty to use have begun to fill up my list quickly.

I figured I would kick off December with one project from my list of “must makes”. I found this “Paper Christmas Tree” tutorial through one of my favorite blogs Creature Comforts who got the DIY from on of my newest favorite blogs Renee-Anne :)

Instead of taking photos of each and every step of the process you can just grab all the great detailed photos via the tutorial link here and I’ll just show you my finished product.

I used a Good Housekeeping magazine for the taller tree and a Baby Talk magazine for the smaller one. In the tutorial you will find that a staple spine magazine is advised, not a thick spine like my Good Housekeeping magazine. I, unfortunately, didn’t have any staple spine mags laying around and I wasn’t about to go buy a magazine to make into a tree so I figured I’d give it a shot and I’m incredibly pleased with the results!

The tutorial calls for 2 staple spine magazines and since I used such a thick magazine to begin with I only needed one for each tree. The biggest challenge, I found, was getting the tree to open up perfectly even because the spine was so thick; but I solved that problem with a little extra bending at the spine and viola!

One last tip: I learned after making the first tree that some pages are boring on one side and incredibly colorful on the other side. So instead of folding every page the same direction, I alternated folding to the front or back depending on which side was more colorful. The second tree turned out just as even as the first and has a bit more color pop to it. Although if you wanted to go for a more monochromatic look; find a magazine with fewer images!

Merry Christmas and happy DIY decorating!


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