Precious Time

I’ve been reminded of the truth that time is precious. We welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world on April 20th! She weighed in at 6lbs and 2 ozs. Our little peanut has blessed our family in so many ways. Her sweet smell, dreamland smiles, squeaky hiccups, and feisty little attitude bring smiles to our faces.

Soaking up every second of this sweet time with our baby girl has pushed a lot of “priorities” off my very full plate. But I rest in the knowledge that my Etsy shop will wait for me as long as it needs to, my twitter followers probably don’t even realize I’m absent, and the blogs I love to read don’t take it personally when I don’t have time to read every post.

I’m spending my days hugging and kissing on my two children, taking insane amounts of photographs, leaving said photographs on large memory cards to edit at a later date, making mental “wish” lists of things to do (like taking a shower before 3pm), and appreciating the little things. This time will end all too soon and responsibilities, schedules, school, business, and countless other priorities will have to be squeezed in….

But for the time being I’ve got nothing but time… time to breathe in these moments.


2 thoughts on “Precious Time

  1. Well said! Read your post as I rock my lil guy (its 2:30am). I completely understand what you’re saying. We are extremely blessed to have this precious time with them. Your kids are so fortunate to have a mommy who has her priorities in the right order. Enjoy :).

    • Thanks so much Crystal! I wrote that post during a midnight feeding :) I think I might be more productive in the middle of the night then feedings during daytime hours combined!

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