Greatness in Green Eyes {Inspiration Workshop Linkup}

I’m linking up with Gussy for another week of her Inspiration Workshop! This week the prompt is “Green”. I’m so excited to see the interpretations of this inspiration! The interpretations are limitless and it will be so fun to see the creativity in everyone’s posts.

My inspiration comes from the most precious, glowing, shade of green. My son Lucas has green eyes that will melt your heart. Seriously, I should take this kid to a car lot and tell him to ask for a Corvette, the salesman won’t be able to deny him. Check out this adorable face:

I warned you, heart melting green eyes…

I see so much greatness in him. He is kind, gentle, loving, sensitive, intelligent, loyal, articulate, silly, funny, hugable, kissable, playful, imaginative, creative…did I mention that I adore him? Because I adore him, utterly and completely. I can’t imagine my life without him, nor can I really remember what it was like before him.

In my wonderful little boy I not only see the ability to be great, but I see the ability to encourage greatness in others.

So this post is for you, my sweet, sweet boy. I pray you grow, little one, like the grass between your chubby toes; fresh, cool, free, ever reaching for Heaven. May your thirst be quenched by the Spirit, your hunger fed by the Father, and your feet firmly planted in the Word.


Holy guacamole my kiddos bring out the strongest emotions in me. I’d blame it on pregnancy hormones but I think at 8 weeks postpartum that’s not entirely accurate anymore. What are some of your hopes and dreams for your children? For your future children?


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