Pray for our Peanut

We just wanted to send out a quick update/prayer request for our little Katelynn.

We had an upper GI study done this morning. Katelynn was given some contrast to swallow through a bottle and then an x-ray was performed to watch her esophagus, stomach, and intestines function. The doctors were looking for a possible kink or twist somewhere along her digestive line but, thankfully, found none.

We have one remaining ultra sound on Friday which will check her liver for any abnormalities. There is really no indication that there is anything actually wrong with her liver (at one point in time her liver enzymes appeared elevated on her blood work, but normalized a few days later in another blood screen) but they want to just check it to make sure every possible scenario is ruled out. The doctors are confident that it will be a normal scan, but just want to verify.

At this point, due to her lack of weight gain, and the fact that we have exhausted every medicinal and dietary treatment, we now have to place a feeding tube. We will need to admit our little one for 2-3 days at Children’s Hospital to learn the process of placing a tiny feeding tube in her nose, down her throat, and into her tummy. Nathan and I have to learn how to do it so that we can place the tube back in if she pulls it out or if it needs to be replaced for any reason.

We have an appointment with our specialist to go over all of the information on Wednesday the 28th. We will find out at then when her actual date of admittance will be. We don’t know a whole lot other then the fact that this procedure is necessary. The only way to avoid it is for Katelynn to miraculously gain something like 2 lbs in the next week… and since she can’t eat a diet of pure marshmallows and chocolate (wouldn’t that be nice) it’s pretty unlikely ;-). At this point, we’re doing everything we can to help her gain weight (olive oil in her rice cereal twice a day, more frequent feedings, etc) while we wait to complete this next step.

Her tube will be in place for as long as is necessary to get her weight gain steady, and her spitting up controlled. The tube could be in for a month or 10 months…She will also continue to breastfeed throughout this whole thing thankfully. The tube is used to essentially increase her caloric intake by pushing calories into her belly in between feedings.

Nathan is relieved that this is something we can actually do, the testing and waiting period has been a little bit frustrating for him. I’m a bit more nervous about the hospital admittance. Overall we’re relieved to know it’s truly just acid reflux and we’re glad that all of her other tests have been normal…those possibilities were far more frightening then a “little ol’ feeding tube”.

So if you could keep our little one in your prayers this week, we would greatly appreciate it….

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