It’s on my list

I am not a scheduled person. I hate the constraints of a “schedule”. I love to buy planners but I like to be a rebel by never using said planner. I thrive under pressure. I turn in my best work when I procrastinate. I don’t need a calendar, I’ll remember. I’ve got the memory of an elephant…ok, ok, stop laughing.

I suck at getting things done in a timely manner. I forget to make important calls. I forget birthdays and anniversaries. I forget to wash my hair some days. No really, sometimes I rely a little too heavily on that magic dry shampoo that comes in a can. Not any more my friends, not any more.

It’s time for the return of shiny clean hair. OK, at least it’s time that I get my booty in gear and get organized with my calendar. If I have any hope of completing this blog series on removing the litter in my life, I need to start with cleaning up my daily to do list. Come to think of it, I should actually make a daily to do list. Too bad it can’t look like this:

Anyway, in an effort to infuse my life with a little more preparedness I’m going to use a planner. I’m not whipping out my iCalendar, or Google whatever, or a fancy app, not even a tech-y gadget, but a good old fashioned paper planner. I found a sweet printable from Get Buttoned Up that I’m trying out and it’s totally free. You’re welcome.

I have a busy enough schedule that a daily task list isn’t going to cut it. I already plan out our meals in two week blocks, and I have a general grocery shopping schedule that I stick to, but I think I’ll be far more organized if I have my week planned out in one place. So here’s a snapshot of my completed calendar, you know, so you can see that I actually filled one out instead of just writing about how I want to. I asked for accountability and all.

My goal is to sit down every Sunday evening to fill out the tasks of the upcoming week. I’m kind of excited about the “chores” section of this calendar because I am horrible about consistent chore completion. I know I’ll be less overwhelmed, and Katelynn will eat less dog hair if I clean more regularly. Gross, sorry.

What scheduling or list making method do you use? Do you use an honest to goodness calendar or do you write your list on McDonald’s napkins previously used to wipe ketchup off toddler fingers? It’s ok, we’ve all done it.

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5 thoughts on “It’s on my list

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  2. I like to think that I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal. I’ve written some of my best papers the night before they were due. Planner? Who needs it. I can remember everything! Until I don’t. I’ve realized the hard way that although I can survive being a procrastinator, I don’t thrive. Sure, the paper was good and got turned in, but at what expense? I’m a work in progress, though. My planner stays empty some weeks and meals go unplanned, but when I get it together it’s worth the prep. I love this planning sheet and look forward to giving it a go!

    • Hi Sarah,

      I was cracking up at your comment because it sounds exactly like me. I like the “adventure” in the unplanned and enjoy being flexible but I totally pay for that kind of thinking sometimes. I swear a paper would be far less painful to write if I would just work on it gradually!

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