Honorable Vessel

2 Timothy 2:21 (ESV)
from http://www.marielmohns.com

Am I a vessel worthy of serving choice food and wine to a guest of honor? Or am I a garbage bin who only consumes litter and waste?

My outflow is completely dependent on my intake. If I desire to pour love, encouragement, and grace out to those around me each and every day, I need to be filling up my tank at the proper pump. What am I allowing to flow into and out of my life each and every day?

I desire to be an honorable vessel worthy of use by my Master. If I fill up my own plate with litter and waste, I make myself unavailable for beautiful use. Starting today I’m using the YouVersion app to read through Ephesians with She Reads Truth– an awesome community of women committed to encouraging each other.

Yesterday I talked about the importance of using a weekly planner to better organize my time. Today I’m working on cleaning up my morning routine. My morning routine “litter removal” project is this:

-Wake up before the kids (ouch this one is going to hurt)

-Make coffee (because….see above)

-Devotional (She Reads Truth- Ephesians plan for now)


My morning routine used to look something like this (no judging allowed ha!):

Snooze alarm at least 5 times, open eyes, check facebook, look through Instagram feed, check email, feed children, make coffee, peruse Pinterest, read Google reader feed, and then repeat….maybe….sometimes…ok a lot. All of that app clicking amounted to 1-2 hours every morning. That’s 2 hours completely wasted for the most part. It’s litter. So it’s time to clean it up and aim for the goals I outlined above.

If I start my day in a more organized and productive fashion I’ll be better prepared for the day. I’ll be less wanting of waste- because focusing on being fed by the Holy Spirit each morning gives me a passion for much better things and gives me the strength to combat those frivolous desires when the sneak in. Wish me luck. No really, waking up earlier is going to cause me physical pain. It will be worth it….I hope.

What reading plan are you using, if any? Are you a read through the Bible in a year kind of person? Or a read one verse a day person? Can I pray for you and your current/future reading plan? Will you pray for me?


3 thoughts on “Honorable Vessel

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