My dog ate my blog posts

I have something to tell you…It isn’t going to be pretty. It pains me to say it; I failed at every goal I set for myself last week. In fact, I failed so epically, I’m going to call it the Great Flop of 2012. It might have even looked a little something like this:

Sourced from Future Update

You are so.very.welcome for that image. You should check out the article I got it from, hilarious.

Anyway, back to telling you about my flop of a week last week. After I wrote this post I fell off the 31 days bandwagon, face first. I think I might still have dirt in-between my teeth. I didn’t use my daily to-do list, I didn’t get up before the kids, and I didn’t blog about 31 days to a litterless life. In fact, I may have added litter to my life by being so disorganized; now I have to clean up after last week. So here I am, admitting total defeat. Please, someone tell me they failed at something too so I don’t feel so bad about my lack of self-discipline.

I may have been highly successful at “sticking it to the personal planner isle” last week- by not using any form of planner or calendar. BUT, I have a good excuse. No really, it’s a great excuse. You ready?


That face right there is the reason I ignored my to-do list. Will you accept the excuse “my dog ate my blog posts” from me now? Isn’t he adorable?

Our new puppy Noah, has joined our family and made our chihuahua His Royal Highness, I mean Jack, a somewhat reluctant big brother. Noah is an 11 weeks old Golden Retriever who has wiggled his happy tail all the way into our hearts. The kids adore him, Nathan loves him (no really, Nathan actually likes the dog), and I can’t get enough of his velvety ears and fluffy little face.

So, velvety puppy ears aside, I’ll be back on the wagon tomorrow: bringing you a fun little DIY chore system that I made for Lucas over the weekend!



3 thoughts on “My dog ate my blog posts

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