Chores: It’s all on the line

Today is the first day back to school after Fall break for Lucas. So now is the time to implement his new chore system. We’ve tried a few methods before; a star chart app on my phone, a paper chart on the fridge, and a dry erase chart near his desk. None of our previous chore methods have worked, probably because we didn’t stick to them.

Today is the day for change though, because now that we’ve got a new puppy and Lucas has more responsibilities as far as school is concerned, we need to implement a consistent chore method. While thinking of a new way to encourage Lucas to consistently help out I stumbled upon this pin. I thought it was cute and knew I had similar supplies on hand to make one of my own.

Ta-da! I think it turned out fun. Lucas really likes it. I started making it and then had to set it aside for a few days (see why here). Lucas kept asking me to finish his “cool chore thing”. So, here it is!

Considering that Lucas is only 5 I tried to keep the chores simple and go with tasks he already completes but that I’d like him to start doing more independently and with less “nagging” from Nathan and I.

2 of the chores he needs to complete each morning: get dressed and make the bed. The other 3 chores he will complete each evening. Eventually I’d like to implement an allowance element to this; maybe feeding the dogs is a money earning task as well as new chores like vacuuming or taking out the trash. Lucas would be able to select from a few paying jobs to complete. The fundamentals are unpaid and I want them to be a habit; we are all part of one family and we work together to be responsible members. As he grows there will be more “fundamentals” added, but for now I think this list is a good balance.

As he completes each task and drops a clothes pin into the jar I wanted him to be reminded that we need to work together with servants hearts. As a family, we each have responsibilities and we need to complete them with a good attitude. I did a Google search for chore related Bible verses and liked the idea of using Colossians 3:23 the best. I know I need the reminder that I’m serving my family by finishing my work with a good attitude, but ultimately I’m serving the Lord.

Feel free to use the free printable above to make your own chore chart! If you make one, send me a picture, I’d love to see your take on the project!

What chore/allowance system do you use with your children? What is the best way you have found to inspire them to be independent in this area?


7 thoughts on “Chores: It’s all on the line

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  2. Just curious how it’s been working for you! I LOVE the printable and your take on it! So pretty! I might try to squeeze this in for Christmas (“Merry Christmas, honey! Here’s your chores!” :)).

    I’ve always had the worst time with follow through too. Did this help? My oldest is a brilliant but absent-minded 4.5 yo. :)

    • Hi Sami,

      I am TERRIBLE about sticking to chores routines. In all honesty we haven’t been very diligent with this method. My son LOVED it and used it excitedly for the first two weeks and then we all fell off the bandwagon. When I remember to remind him he likes to use the system- it’s more fun than a simple checklist because he can see what he’s done and what chores remain. It was easy to make, easy to implement, but like every other chore system- requires that I be more intentional about initiating it for him…which I suck at. HA!

  3. I love this! What size board did you use? And what are the gray knobs? My daughter starts kindergarten in the fall & I’m thinking now is a good time to get started with chores to try to get habits/routine started before. (Think it’ll happen? ; ) ) I have looked at A LOT of chore systems, but yours is the first I instantly wanted to get started on rather than just saving the idea with the others to look at later.

    • The knobs are actually drawer pulls from ikea and the board is a drawer front from their as-is section! :)

      If you are looking for a pre-finished wood piece you could check out the wood plaques in any craft store’s wood working isle- then paint it any color you want!

      Good luck with chores and kindergarten :)

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