Is it ______-able?

*Help me source this?*

There are times that these questions literally plague me: is it pin-able, blog-able, instagram-able, tweet-able, etc-able? Before, during, or after a craft, meal, blog post, I so often play those questions on repeat through my head; these thoughts litter my already cluttered mind.

Pinterest is an awesome source of inspiration. No really, I’m as addicted to it as the next person, and I’ve actually implemented some of the things I’ve pinned there. But, such an abundance of inspiration can have damaging effects. I’ll give you an example: I’ll have the bright idea to make a craft with Lucas, so I grab my phone and click the Pinterest app. Browsing through the kid category for ideas brings a million fun projects and a million images showing me just how un-cool I am because I would have never thought to make a colossal dinosaur, that could only be rivaled by actual dinosaur bones, out of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich topped with craisins. In reality, Lucas would have been just as happy had I sat down and colored on a blank piece of white paper with him. Instead, I spent an hour trying to find the “perfect” craft for him and so he lost interest in the idea of even doing a craft: the moment has passed.

With so many beautiful images at my fingertips it is so easy to feel inadequate.  I doubt my own creativity and become paralyzed with worrying about what everyone else will think of me. I rob myself of the joy of the project by comparing myself to others. There was a period of time recently that I photographed every step of every project I completed in my home and with my kids because I thought I “might” blog about it one day. The problem with that behavior is it resulted in a perfectionist attitude that I approached projects with. I needed everything to be perfect because the World Wide Web just might see it! I had a difficult time even getting started on projects because I was constantly searching for the perfect “inspiration” for it; I worried so much about what other people would think of the end result that I couldn’t even begin.

Found via Pinterest- from Elembee

In an effort to change that perfectionist attitude I’ve been trying to take The Nester’s motto to heart: It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. I am so encouraged to know that women I view as far more creative than myself, suffer from the same feelings of self doubt. Today Jeanette from Life Rearranged wrote, “Sometimes I get bogged down by wanting things to be super fun and cute and Pin-worthy”. (Side note: please read Jeanette’s blog; she’s a hilariously funny and down to earth mama with a servants heart the size of Montana).

Moving forward, I’m working on being less of a perfectionist. I’m enjoying the process of a project rather than focusing on the end result or the feedback.

How to do you combat thoughts of comparison?



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