Up the Wall: Entry way update

We really needed a drop zone for my purse, keys, kid backpacks, etc. Littering the living room with our bags, backpacks, and diaper bags wasn’t working out so well. I was in the habit of leaving my purse on the floor near our bedroom door which resulted in lost keys due to curious and sticky baby fingers. Ok, if I’m really honest, I misplaced my keys more often than the sticky baby fingers did, but that’s beside the point. We don’t have any sort of a formal, or even casual, “entry way”; the area I updated is actually about 12 feet from the door we use to enter the house and it is a small wall area at the end of a hallway…not really much of an entry, but it is dead smack in the center of our house so it seemed like the best central location to make an organized drop zone for everyone.

Whatever entry way solution I came up with couldn’t stick out more than 6-8 inches from the wall or it would obstruct the walkway. My sister-in-law had this mirror in her donation pile and I asked if I could take it (thanks Jenni!). I hung it up one evening and threw 2 hooks underneath it. I didn’t put one of the hooks in a stud which resulted in it falling off from the weight of my gigantic purse/diaper bag/camera bag/junk collector/toy holder/flotation device. Here’s a before shot of said space: finger printed walls, holes from fallen hook, dirty mirror and all.

See, this wall area/entry way needed some love. Please excuse the diaper box photo bomb, I was too lazy to move them. There were a few problems with this area; first, there was only one hook remaining, second, the drawers were empty and not serving a purpose, and three, the area had no personality.

Here’s how I solved problem numero uno: I had 2 IKEA hooks, 3 curtain tie backs, and a coincidently perfect length 1 x 3 board hanging out in my shed and figured I could up with some sort of a system. I thought I could attach the hooks and tie backs to the wood and hang it on the wall. At first I put the hooks on the front of the board and didn’t like all of the screws showing. So, I attached them from the back…not exactly the intended use for any of the “hooks” but who cares, I like it. I painted the board the same color as my walls (Bedford Gray by Martha Stewart) so it would blend in a little bit.


Solving problem two was easy. I knew I’d be using one of the hooks for dog leash organization so I decided the 2 drawers could be used for canine paraphernalia. 1 drawer holds dog nail clippers, rawhide bones, and a doggie “business” bag dispenser for clipping on our leashes for walks. The second drawer is full bones as well. I moved our jar full of training treats out to the entry since I grab a few every time I take Noah out to aid in the “positive reinforcement” housetraining and this is a much better location than the kitchen table.

Problem three was the most fun to solve. This area needed some personality and some “us” added to it. So I put up a few framed pictures and put a letter “H” that I picked up at Michaels in the $1 section next to the treat jar: I like to think it serves a dual purpose of representing our last initial as well as the word home. Let’s hear the collective “awwwww” now.

We’ll see how this newly organized “drop spot” works out for us. I already love the frames and smile every time I walk down the hallway.

What small updates have you made in your home that have made a big impact? Do you have a central drop zone in your family that helps you stay organized?


2 thoughts on “Up the Wall: Entry way update

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  2. Looks great Erika! Keep up the good work and thanks for blogging. I look forward to reading everyday. You are amazing my friend!!!

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