Our week in photo review {Insta-Friday linkup}

I am linking up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged for Insta-Friday again. Since I missed last week I am going to combine two weeks of photos just because I can… besides, my kids are the cutest ever, who wouldn’t want to see an endless stream of their photos? Haha. Moving on…

It’s been a pretty crazy two weeks here! Katelynn’s acid reflux was pretty intense last week, making for a couple of really fussy days and a few hundred loads of laundry…ok maybe not a few hundred, but at the very least, 10. In spite of the fussy princess and the ever present aroma of spit up in my hair, we had some fun activities.

Playgroup Thursday at our favorite park ever. There’s a water feature/fountain area for kiddos to run through, the most beautiful view of the lake, and lush green grass everywhere. It was a great break from laundry and gave me a chance to regroup with some other moms.

We have the cutest family of chickens that roam through our yard multiple times a day. One afternoon we went out front and fed them rice krispies. Lucas and I laid in the grass and took silly pictures of ourselves making funny faces. (Check out this post for some photos I got of Lucas that day).

We had some relaxing time at home while Katelynn smiled and cooed at her little bird friend on her bouncy seat. Lucas painted a birdhouse, one of his favorite craft activities, and stacked up his crayons in a bunch of different patterns just for fun.

Playing in the sunshine and hose in the backyard. This playtime also prompted a random project for the back patio. Lucas ripped out a piece of wood that separated the concrete slabs on the patio while I encouraged him to use his big strong super hero muscles. After he demonstrated his brute, hulk-like, strength I decided we’d rip them all out and fill the cracks with gravel right then and there.


400lbs of gravel and 3 hours later…. voila! I cannot even describe how much better it looks. The wood was so rotten and disgusting. The infestation of earwigs, spiders, worms that look like snakes, and water beetles was nightmare inducing. Seriously, I made Lucas wear gloves, pants, socks, and sneakers just in case. He got a total kick out of ripping the wood chunks out. He pretended he was Bob the Builder when we poured all the gravel in. His little red shovel was busy busy!

While we worked away in the backyard, this delicious meal was cooking away in the kitchen. Spicy black eyed pea soup. It was AMAZING. Hubby said, “I wasn’t even hungry until I started eating this and now I’m starving, this is delicious”. We topped the soup with fresh avocado and grated Monterrey jack cheese… YUM! (I’ll share the recipe later on)

Although today started off on a sad note with Katelynn getting 5 whole shots at her 2 month checkup; it seems to be shaping up nicely anyway. She’s a sleepy girl with no apparent side effects at the moment, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way. Lucas was so tender and loving to her after her shots and caressed her little back, sang her a song, and kissed her cheek while whispering, “It’s ok cutie pie”. I cannot put into words how incredible he is with her. I’m so proud of him!

So what was your favorite activity this week? Anyone else tackle house projects on a total whim that turned out awesome?

Our Week in Photo Review {Insta-Friday Linkup}

I’m linking up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged for Insta-Friday! A review of our week in photos using my iPhone. I am fully addicted to the free Instagram app and find myself looking for things to photograph just so I can use the app. Now I get to share 5 of my favorites each Friday!

Our sweet baby girl, Katelynn, getting some puppy love from our chihuahua, Jack. We like to call him “Jack Jack”, “Jack-a-roni”, “Jack-a-roo”, and when he’s being obnoxious “Jack-in-the-crack”. Poor dog….All kidding aside, he’s a lionhearted little guy with the biggest personality in a small package. Don’t tell him I said he had a small package….

Lunchtime yesterday called for something warm…because it was cloudy and a frigid 65 degrees in San Diego. Oh the horror!

My little guy, Lucas, fell asleep in the first few minutes of a Thomas the Train movie. We were having a rough afternoon and I decided some snuggles on the couch were in order. It was refreshing and helped us to overcome our sour attitudes.

Daddy and Lucas playing Guitar Hero on the couch. They had a rockin jam sesh complete with hilarious dance moves from Lucas. It was very entertaining, who needs tickets to a real rock concert anyway?

My absolute favorite of the week…. Katelynn’s first smile. Her very first precious little toothless smirk was captured by my camera. She was grinning at me as I made ridiculous sounds and made a fool of myself to try to encourage a smile…it worked!

So that was our week! What were some of your favorite moments from your week?


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