What I Wore Wednesday {WIWW Linkup}

It’s Wednesday already!! I’m tardy to the party in linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for this week’s “What I Wore Wednesday”. But in my time zone, it’s still Wednesday, so there. It’s been fun/annoying/intimidating/silly/challenging/encouraging for me to complete this weekly blog challenge for myself. Remembering to take pictures of myself pre-baby spit up, pre-4 year old fingerprints, and pre-I-give-up-trying-to-keep-my-shirt-clean has been tougher then I expected. I’ve also been challenging myself to wear more of my closet; rather than reaching for my favorites over and over again.

So here’s to another week!

My entire outfit is from Target. I didn’t even notice until I started to make a redundant list.

Jewelry: Mine

Blue painter’s tape on the wall actually has a purpose…. I’m going to be putting shelves above my desk and wanted to try different configurations without banging holes in the wall. Unnecessary holes in the walls make me angry…like turn green and get ripped angry. Mostly because I despise having to patch them.

So this is us “think, think, thinking” about the shelf layout…

T-Neck: Target

Jeans: Love Culture

Ballet Flats: Target

Headband: ThreadRare

(How cute is my little guy? He was playing in the yard and wanted to join the photo session. Also, don’t judge me for still having tape and no shelves, I have a 4 year old and an 8 week old, I’m only Wonder Woman every other week)

Cardi: I have no idea

Tank: Walmart (shhhhhhhhh!!!)

Shorts: Thrifted jeans that I cut off

Sandals: Payless

Jewelry: Mine

Chihuahua: Craigslist :-P

Tank: The Body Shop

Linen slacks: Target (eons ago)

Sandals: Payless

Necklace: from my “Stranded” line

So, other than the fact that I’m clearly a walking advertisement for Target, I had fun challenging myself to be more creative with my clothes.

P.S. I organize my closet by sleeve length (tanks, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, etc) and color….I’m OCD like that. Please tell me someone else out there does the same thing.

What is your favorite store to shop at? Do you find yourself wearing the same colors frequently?


What I Wore Wednesday {WIWW}

Today is the first time I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy to participate in “What I Wore Wednesday”. I feel totally silly doing this but it’s a great personal challenge! Photographing myself is completely out of my comfort zone, but something I’ve been working on in order to provide customers with “scale” photos of my jewelry products. Sometimes seeing a piece of jewelry on a person is much more informative than actual measurements. I know I am a visual person and need those descriptive photos for my own perspective before I buy a product.

So…. this little activity will push me to be more creative in my self portraits, challenge me to blog about it every Wednesday, encourage me to connect with other bloggers each week, and motivate me to wear something other than a tank top and baby spit up when I’m here at home. It’s easy to put effort into my appearance when I leave the house…but when I’m hanging out at home with the kiddos my motivation is sadly lacking and I know that has a significant effect on my mood, and not in a good way. So here’s to my first link up!

Shirt: Sister-in-law’s closet

Cardi: Forever 21

Skinny Jeans: Target

Ruffle Sandals: Target (favorite.sandals.ever)

Those of you paying attention might notice the finished desk I’m leaning on :). Here’s a mini reveal! Stay tuned for the complete project reveal when I put up shelves and complete my little “Creative Corner”.

In other news, any other mom’s out there wearing perfume to cover up the eau de spit-up on a daily basis? Please tell me I’m not the only one.